The world has changed - DedPxl07 BTS

About a month ago Zack over at DedPxl opened up assignment number 7, the first assignment that needed to convey a story or overall theme, while at the same time containing a human or part of a human subject.

The final image needs to contain three things, a news delivery device, a human subject or part of a human subject and something that is spilling, has spilled or will spill. All while conveying a sense that the world has changed.

That sounds like a challenge.

This is the first DedPxl assignment that will have a winner, and boy is the prize awesome! A Hasselblad 500C/M with 80mm 2.8 T* Zeiss lens and a Leaf Aptus 5 back (22mp Aptus II).

For some inexplicable reason the very first image that popped into my head, within seconds of hearing the requirement, was of someone getting shot, murdered.

Over the next few days the idea matured in my head and evolved from murder to suicide, with pieces added to the frame to tell a story. A story that doesn't need a caption to be understood, the image stands alone.


Then the per-production started. I started collecting props, finding friends who would like to assist by being the subject and figuring out where to find blood.

Unfortunately the place I wanted to get blood from had closed down, or moved, and the other places were all really out of the way to get too easily. So onto plan B, home made "sticky" blood.

Turned out to be an excellent decision, the blood looked amazing, and smelled great too!

My buddy Carlos agreed to play dead for me, which was a massive help!

The set was build in my lounge out of various bits of furniture from all over the house.

Making the room smaller than it was required closing the curtains and moving the furniture way in off the walls.

The lighting setup turned out to be rather complicated. We have two ELC 1000 lights off to the right of the camera, one high up with a 65 deg 21cm reflector and blue gel on. One very low to the ground to light up the blood using a MaxiSpot and blue gel.

Off to camera right was another ELC 1000 firing into an Octa 190 Light Bank, acting as fill light.

And finally we had a single Quadra hidden behind the "table", originally to pop the bottle off the background, but used in the end to get separation on the letter on the table. It's subtle, but it is definitely there. Gelled slightly blue.

Setting up and breaking down took a few hours, but the actual shoot was only around 45 minutes.

Post production was mainly about color correction and sharpening. I had to do a little bit of spot removal and dodge and burn, but overall it was fairly minor post work.

The original blue-green tones were inspired by an image out of Skyfall of Daniel Craig.

This brings us to the final image that was submitted on the 3rd of November 2014.

You can view the image here, and see the rest of the submitted images here.

Submissions closed on the 5th, and we now await the selection of Zack's top 10 images.

A big thanks to everyone who provided props and offered assistance and advice, I really appreciate it.