Creating Late Afternoon Sun

I've spent a little time this morning creating a late afternoon sun scene in my lounge, to test out the Elinchrom ELC 1000 Pro HD heads that arrived last week.

It is a really simple setup overall. Using an Octa 190 Indirect Lightbank to camera left as fill light, gelled slightly blue, 1/8 CTB. Power set to 6.4 for best use with Hypersync.

There is a second head outside the window with a 21cm 65 deg reflector on it. 1/2 CTO gel at 7.3. I used a higher power setting to get the bar shadows deeper.

Each light has a PocketWizard PlusX attached. Camera is a Canon 1Ds Mark III with a PocketWizard TT5 Flex and a 45mm TS-E lens on a Manfrotto 074 tripod with 410 Junior Geared Head.

That's the boring bit done. Lets look at some images.


Simplified setup out of Elincthrom SkyPort 3.2

The starting point. Light isn't particularly nice and the framing could be much better.

A slightly re-framed imaged, it is getting better, but still very flat and slightly under-lit.

Recomposed again, pillows fixed, book added in the background. Light on the outside of window added. Low power, un-gelled. Lowish level.

Background light gelled with CTO, foreground light gelled with a CTB. Background light powered up a little.

Background light powered up. Moved up and backwards. Shadows now point downwards and are softer.

Shifting the focus plane to get more pop out of the flowers.

Final image after corrections in Lightroom.

Final image after tonal correction in Photoshop. Slight dodge and burn. Curves. Desaturation of blue ball in background. Sharpening.

This is a fairly simple two light setup and can definitely be achieved using speed lights and an umbrella.

Hypersync helped cut out all ambient light, so everything you see was done with strobes, however, the ambient was pretty low to start off with and wouldn't have interfered much with the lighting of the scene. The only real up side to hypersync is I don't have a third color temperature in the scene coming from interior ligths.