Business Services

Professional services to optimize your business through automation

At van Driel Media we have over 30 years of combined experience in the IT arena, fulfilling various roles at various large international institutions.

Since then, we have deliver solutions, both small and large, on three contents, signed an ongoing outsourcing agreement with an American firm, helped projects get back on track by providing thorough quality and feature analysis for projects developed by 3rd parties.

Continuously pushing to find better, faster and more cost-effective ways to deliver solutions to our clients.

We believe in best fit solutions and fight bloat and excess automation wherever possible. Solutions can and should involve human interaction where appropriate.

We prefer to outsource work that we are not best suited to provide, offering you a single point of

contact and responsible firm for your solution, but still offering the very best resources the market has to offer for your given requirements.

Our methodology requires that resources focus first on solving the problem, and then building the solution. Providing faster turnaround times and solutions that match the original brief with greater accuracy at a reduced cost.

Projects budgets are carefully managed through software to raise potential budgetary or deadline issues as early as possible.

Our time zone is central, allowing at least some overlap with all parts of the planet. Our staff provide reliable and supportable solutions and make themselves available for emergencies whenever required.

Our owner has years of experience dealing with disaster mitigation and recovery strategies and will point out any potential points of failure early in the development process, allowing time to strategize prior to the solution going live.