External Reference Add-In (Excel)


External Reference Add-In (Excel)


Dynamically create references to external Excel workbooks, the workbooks do not need to be open, resolving an issue with INDIRECT() implementation.

By purchasing this Add-In, you are granted a license to use it on a single PC only.


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  • =ExternalReferenceDirect(pathToFile, sheetName, cellInRemoteSheet, cellInLocalSheet)

This function will get the remote cell and place it into the local cell. All parameters can be dynamic, and built using formulas. A limitation exists at the moment that prohibits direct nesting for the resultant function.

Ie. =Sum(ExternalRefereceDirect()) won't work. You'll need to call ExternalReferenceDirect and then edit the local cell manually to add the =Sum()

  • =ExternalReference(pathToFile, sheetName, cellInRemoteSheet, calculateNow)

This function will get the remote cell and place it into the cell that the ExternalReference() is called from, effectively removing any trace of ExternalReference(). A calculateNow field has been added and needs to be set to TRUE for the function to execute, undo does not work on these macro functions and once the TRUE value is passed, you'll lose the original formula.

It has not been tested on non-Windows platforms.